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Our pupils will become competent, confident mathematicians who are empowered enough to be able to apply their knowledge to events they encounter outside the classroom.

We will:

  • Design a curriculum that is fully inclusive of every child
  • Empower all pupils to progress within this core academic curriculum subject
  • Provide rich opportunities to produce work that is meaningful
  • Ensure all children make progress from their starting points
  • Motivate our children to be ambitious with their learning; to know and remember more, empowering them to do so by planning to teach subjects in a naturally coherent manner
  • Teach knowledge in a way that considers each child’s individual cognitive load
  • Place a high demand on pupils in terms of knowledge, skills, quality of work and attitudes to learning. 
  • Make links between the knowledge the children are taught and provide them with opportunities to use and develop skills with a purpose that goes beyond work in school books
  • Develop our children’s vocabulary, reasoning skills and oracy to prepare them to be resilient citizens of the future
  • Provide opportunities for children to solve a wealth of problems with confidence and creativity.
  • Be certain that all of our children are securely prepared for the next stages in their educational careers
Websites to help with times tables