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Teaching Staff

  • Miss A Back

    Vice Principal, KS2 Lead, Blenheim Class Teacher

  • Mr A Adair

    Year 5/6, Stirling Class Teacher

  • Mrs L La Fond

    Year 5/6, Blenheim Class Teacher

  • Mrs S Fitch

    Year 3/4, Elm Farm Class Teacher

  • Mrs A Miller

    Year 3/4, Elm Farm Class Teacher

  • Mrs D Meyer

    Year 3/4, Wellington Class Teacher

  • Miss L Hanslow

    Year 1/2, Springhall Class Teacher

  • Miss S Deboick

    Year 1/2, Manor Class Teacher

  • Mrs LA Beaumont

    Year 1/2, Beeches Class Teacher

  • Mr K Murray

    Year 1/2, Bargate Class Teacher

  • Mrs H Austin

    Early Years Class Instructor

  • Miss L Frewer

    Cover Supervisor

Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs A Hall

  • Mrs C Hardwick

  • Mrs A T Balls

  • Mrs N Nunn

  • Mrs V Crawford

  • Ms Stebbings

  • Mrs S Waddell

  • Mr S Pape

  • Miss K Krenek

  • Mrs C Goodchild

Non-Teaching Staff

  • Miss C Knock

    Mid Day Supervisor

  • Mrs Genine Harrison

    Family and Pastoral Support Worker

  • Mr C Holmes

    Information, Communicat And Technology Managerion

  • Mrs A Hewitt


  • Mrs R Dring


  • Mr M Leonard

    Site Manager

  • Mrs E Meekings

    Head of Kitchen

  • Mrs A Reynolds

    Kitchen assistant

  • Mrs H Galloway

    Kitchen Assistant

  • Mr J Hall


  • Mrs J Street