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The responsibility for ensuring that children attend school regularly rests with you as parents, but Suffolk Local Authority have a duty to help with the provision of transport if your child lives beyond a certain distance from school.


In carrying out their duty, Suffolk Local Authority may use their own vehicles, private contractors or local bus services. They provide free transport in accordance with the Education Act, i.e: for children aged eight and under at the beginning of the school year in September, who live two miles or more from their catchment area schools, and for children aged eight and over who live three miles or more from their catchment area schools. Measurement, in all cases, is the shortest route available including footpaths where considered suitable.

Transportation Department
St. Andrew House,
County Hall,
Telephone: 01473 264671


Parents whose children are offered a place at a school that they have requested, but which is not their catchment area school, will be expected to make their own arrangements and meet the cost.

To ensure we safeguard all children, if there is any change to the usual arrangements for collecting your child at the end of the day, it is important you advise your child’s class teacher. 


The use of bicycles for transporting children to and from school is a matter for discussion with the Principal. We do not encourage the regular use of bicycles by children who have not received the approved training course undertaken by the school (available to Year 6 pupils).

Dropping off by car

Drop off and collection is always a busy time. West Row Baptist Church and West Row Village Hall kindly allow parents to park thoughtfully before walking to the school site.

The yellow zig-zag lines outside the academy site, indicate the length of road where stopping or waiting is strictly prohibited. The Highway Code states these areas should be clear of stationary vehicles, even if picking up or setting down children.