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Well-being and sports news


West Row Sports Medals


This week we have announced the winners of the West Row Sports Medal. This is for one pupil in each class nominated by their teachers for attitude and personal development in PE over the year. For Early Years and Key Stage One this medal was in line with our value for the half term – transform. Pupils in these years had transformed themselves into keen PE and sports players.


Early Years -  Oscar John

Bargate -  Maya

Beeches -  Ella

Manor -  Kellen


In Key Two the teachers were awarding the medal to keen sports players who have developed into players who are ‘humble in victory and gracious in defeat’.


Elm Farm -  Jake

Wellington -  Caitlyn

Springhall -  Silas

Sterling -  Charlie

Blenheim  - Liam


Well to these pupils who show the Spirit of the Games!



Sports Day Results July 2021


In Monday’s Virtual School Assembly we announced the winners of this year’s Sports Days.  Congratulations to Unicorn House for a convincing victory.   Here are the results. The colours represent: Pegasus, Griffin, Unicorn and Phoenix.

Each year group bubble competed in a morning of athletics: triple jump, javelin, relay, sprint and obstacle (for light relief).  We have inter-house sports competitions each half-term for the PE skill that pupils have been learning and Sports Day is the final competition of the year.  Pupils took part in at least 2 races depending on the size of the house.  The competitions are highly competitive, so we streamed pupils to ensure it was a positive, festive experience for every pupil.  Here are the results for each year group bubble.


Well-being and Sports News Week ending Friday 28th May




Key Stage One and Upper Key Stage Two will be completing their inter-house tournaments this week.  The younger age group they will be putting their athletics skills into practice while the older pupils use rugby for their tournament. 



Our school value of resilience finishes this week.  Pupils have been learning about it in PE.  Years 3 and 4 have used it to get better at basketball dribbling with Mrs Meyer.  Pupils say that you just make small changes to get better (quote “look where you are going!”) rather than try everything at once and panic.  Their ideas were shared in Assembly which included “don’t eat the whole elephant, do bite size pieces”!



Newmarket Club will be teaching our year 1 and 2 pupils next half-term for one of their twice weekly PE sessions.  We are very pleased to gain their expertise in our PE.  We want to encourage pupils from all year groups to give this local club a go.  Here are some details




Friday 12th May 2021 PE News





As well as skills and fitness, our PE lessons emphasise personal development.  This half-term we are learning about resilience.  On Friday 12th May each class had an extra PE session on this.   Here is what we're learning:

Reception – ‘Give it a go’

Key Stage One – “Give it a go and have a practice’

Lower Key Stage Two  - ‘ Have no fear and set a goal’

Upper Key Stage Two ‘ What’s my challenge?’

Each class tried at least three different physical skills for this.  Here is a photo that show Reception pupils in action!



April 21st 2021 PE news



Here are photos of four classes making the most of PE outside at different points last week. 

Springhall and Elm Farm classes are pictured during the fitness and active mind part of their session.  This was sprinting for 3 seconds and aiming to improve your distance.   Our value this term is ‘resilience’ so these pupils used self-belief as well as boundless energy to sprint.  The rest of their session was the skills part learning basketball.


Beeches and Bargate classes were out on the fields practising running and jumping with hurdles.  Knowing how determined these pupils were at running a mile each, for our Land’s End to John-O-Groats challenge, we imagine their sprinting is very fast.



Inter-house tournaments

May 2021

Year 3 and 4 have just played their inter-house tournament.  This was basketball and followed the skills they had learnt in the previous six weeks.  Here they are taking part in the tournaments.  Each pupil played in three matches.  It was brilliant fun especially when pupils unexpectedly scored a basket!


Here are the results! 


















The overall house winner will be worked out once all key stages have their athletics tournament and upper key stage two have played their rugby tournament.