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(Personal, Social, Health, Economic Education and Relationships and Sex Education) 

Children will gain knowledge, skills and attributes that they need to keep themselves healthy and safe and to prepare them for life in society.

We will:

  • Enable every child to develop and progress in terms of their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development

  • Instil in every child a passion for learning; a determination to make a difference to others and the realisation that they have the power to make extraordinary things happen
  • Provide opportunity for our pupils to produce extraordinary work that will have impact on their local and global community
  • Teach pupils so that knowledge and skills are sequenced enabling them to know and remember more
  • Make direct links between our local and national community
  • Reflect all-embracing beliefs, rooted both in traditional British Values and those of our Academy
  • Enrich pupils through carefully planned trips, visitors and experiences
  • Develop our children’s vocabulary, reasoning skills, oracy and understanding of the world around them to prepare them to be resilient citizens of the future
  • Prepare children to be ambitious in an ever-changing world



We have high ambitions for all of our pupils and aim to provide an inspirational, challenging and supportive environment where children can excel, no matter what their age, need or background. We implement the PiXL Primary Edge to support this. This is a programme of attributes and skills to develop key life skills we all need in order to be successful at home, primary school and secondary school. We call this programme LORIC (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, Communication).