West Row Academy

New outdoor learning area opened for our Early Years children

Published: 6 May, 2024

The playground space will enhance the outside learning experience for the early years children at the school.

Headteacher, Elisabeth Close, said she was delighted with the new area, which has long been identified as an area for enhanced learning.

Mrs Close said: “One of the things that sets our school apart is the outdoor space with large playground and playing field.

“This improved area for our youngest pupils is a fantastic addition to compliment all our outdoor learning opportunities. Our children have already been benefiting from using it.”

Early Years leader, Rebecca Peachey added: “The fantastic space will support pupil development in all areas of learning.

“We are delighted because we have already been able to facilitate the pupils accessing this space.

“It is a great starting point for us and as we further enhance this area with learning resources and we are excited to see the outcomes in our children’s development.”

The outdoor play area was funded by Unity Schools Partnership, of which West Row is a member school, and completed over the Easter holidays.