West Row Academy


Children will have a clear chronological understanding of history and understand how past events and people have shaped their lives today.

We will:

  • Enable every child to develop and progress in terms of their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development
  • Instil in every child a passion for learning; a determination to make a difference to others and the realisation that they have the power to make extraordinary things happen
  • Provide opportunity for our pupils to produce extraordinary work that will have impact on their local and global community
  • Teach pupils so that knowledge is chronologically sequenced enabling them to know and remember more
  • Make direct links between our local and national community
  • Place a high demand on knowledge
  • Enrich pupils through carefully planned trips, visitors and experiences
  • Develop our children’s vocabulary, reasoning skills, oracy and understanding of the world around them to prepare them to be resilient citizens of the future
  • Prepare children to be ambitious in an ever-changing world