West Row Academy

Maths at West Row Academy


We want our pupils to become confident, competent mathematicians and problem solvers who can apply their knowledge and understanding in the wider world.

Allowing our pupils, the independent ability to apply their Mathematical skill with confidence and deep understanding. While our teachers assist their development with high quality guidance and learning opportunities.


We do not teach just one method or strategy for any given calculation, we expose pupils to a wide variety of different strategies and allow them to either adopt the one they feel most comfortable with, or to develop their own. Using our White Rose premium scheme to guide our children. All pupils will have access to manipulatives to represent it and then to discuss its form.

Pupils move on from physical representations to pictorial (bar models, pie models, number lines, timelines, NPV grids, 100s squares etc) to abstract: numbers, algebra, symbols and variables can now be used with calculations, provided that their earlier understanding is secure.


  • Recognising patterns, relationships and connections between concepts
  • Rapid and secure recall of fact families, concepts and times tables
  • Ability to reason, explain and problem solve
  • Efficient explanations and accurate use of mathematical language
  • Ability and comfort to use multiple representations with varying contexts
  • Greater understanding and appreciation of mathematical concepts

Skills will be taught, concepts will be understood, but mastery is the application of the skills and concepts across numerous different contexts. This is our long-term vision.

Websites to help with times tables