West Row Academy

Online Safety

If you have any concerns or would like some support or advice regarding online safety, please speak to:

  • Miss R Buckle – Pastoral Lead and Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mrs D Meyer – Online Safety Lead

Information to support parents about specific games and online platforms

Each month we send our parents an online safety newsletter. They can be found in our newsletter section of the website.

These newsletters focus on different games, apps and programmes that are popular with pupils in our setting, for example Roblox, Snapchat and Minecraft.

Classification of Online Risk – The 4 Cs

Protecting Children from Harmful Content Online

The classification recognises that there are four areas of online risks arise when a child:

  • Engages with and/or is exposed to potentially harmful CONTENT;
  • Experiences and/or is targeted by potentially harmful CONTACT;
  • Witnesses, participates in and/or is a victim of potentially harmful CONDUCT;
  • Has access and is exposed to potentially harmful COMMERCE.

Useful links for parents